Had too many shots and feel like the world must hear you singing? Or you just want to sing and have fun among all of the travellers that are with and around you? As we know what travellers and party people like, we have covered the Karaoke service entirely, for you and your enjoyment!

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Beer Tasting

The name says it all! I don’t think one could say he has visited Berlin or Germany in general, without having tasted the multitude of beer varieties here! And that’s exactly why we set up, especially for our customers from faraway lands, the Beer Tasting service! Come on and enjoy it!

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Quiz Night

You feel like you know it all? Like a connoisseur of sorts among your traveling companions? Join in on one of our Quiz Nights and see how you fare against people all over the world! Show us your knowledge and get ready for a wild – cultural – night!

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Halloween Parties

Did Halloween, by any chance, catch you staying in the lovely Grand Hostel Berlin? Well get ready to feel the chills and thrills down your spine – but only if you pull yourself together, don’t get scared and join our Halloween Parties, where we fight against fear with fun, fun and just a whole lotta fun!

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Pub Crawling

During the Berlin nightlife, there is a special way you can truly rediscover this amazing city and get a whole new grasp over what it’s like! Feeling curious, interested? Of course, who wouldn’t be interested when the above mentioned implies an entire night of Pub Crawling, getting in and out of every bar and pub you can see.

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Cocktail Night

Pull yourself a chair at our bar and notice the dazzling and colourful drinks that are laid out on the counter! What might this mean, you may ask yourself. The answer is easy peasy lemon squeezy, that you’ve bumped into one of our Cocktail Nights! Just get yourself your favourite cocktail or try something completely new!

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library bar

free wifi

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Monday to Sunday

“The library bar is to die for, and I have never met a lovelier staff than the one on duty here.”Alycia C. Davis

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